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Your economics teacher must have skipped this lesson in the text book.

$TUT Token Stats

Program Address: 6wShYhqA2gs3HUAZ4MyaPDpKPBWFJUQQUGaCoy2k1Tgz

Do NOT deposit.

$TUT is the SPL token used in the Turnt Up Tiki ecosystem. It can be exchanged on and with the USDC pair.

Tikis & Chieftains will airdrop $TUT everyday into the wallet they are held in. NFTs listed on markets do not generate $TUT. They must be in your wallet.

$TUT is an SPL fungible token on the Solana Blockchain. It was launched in December 2021.

Total Supply: 23,000,000
NFT $TUT Prod.: 16,529,248

Use $TUT for minting 2nd & 3rd generation Turnt Up Tikis NFTs, playing the Turnt Up Tiki gaming suite & more uses announcing soon.

Stay tuned for more!