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Tikis are our first generation NFT

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Your Tiki's overall rarity is displayed by the
color of the background.

Everyday, your Tikis drop a certain amount of $TUT into your wallet. The amount that is dropped into your wallet depends on a few factors;

The more rare your Tiki, the more daily $TUT it generates for you.


Adding up all of your Tikis daily $TUT generation will give you your "Base Daily $TUT"
If you hold Tikis and math is hard for you, you can visit your Village
and it will calculate how much $TUT you should be generating.

How Does the $TUT Multiplier Work?

Easy to learn. Hard to master.

It takes a village. Tikis all hail from one of four tribes;

If you have 1 Tiki of each tribe in your wallet, you will receive a $TUT Multiplier of 10% your base daily $TUT.

This logic continues if you were to have x2 Tikis from each tribe.
That would create a multiplier of 20% your base daily $TUT.

The Tiki Alphas

Generate 15 $TUT/Day.

Each tribe has a 1/1 unique Alpha Tiki. The Alpha's provide extra bonuses
in the Turnt Up Tiki ecosystem as well as generating a TON of $TUT.

The Exiled Alpha

The Berserker Alpha

The Elementalist Alpha

The Nobelist Alpha

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding Tikis

How do I earn $TUT?

Simply delist your Tikis and, every day, you will be airdropped $TUT into the wallet your Tikis are in.

Which Tikis should I buy?

Tikis $TUT generation is linked to its rarity. Scour the market and make sure you are buying the most SOL/$TUT based on the rarities!

How do 'Stacks' work?

1 of each Tiki Tribe makes up a stack. Stacks amplify your daily wallets total $TUT generation by 10%. You can stack indefinitely. So, if you have 4 Tikis of each tribe, you will be generating 40% more $TUT every day!

What benefit do OG Tikis Have?

The only current difference is aesthetics and exclusivity. They have a little Tiki mask next to their right hand. Only 250 of them exist- they don’t generate any ‘additional’ $TUT.