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Chieftains are our 2nd generation NFT!

Quick Jumps


Unique Chieftains




< 2 min. each mint


$TUT Generated/day

0 +

Perks & Growing


Your Chieftain's overall rarity is displayed by the
color of the background.

Chieftains keep the little guys in check. Afterall, whoever controls the gold
has two in the bush out with the bathwater.

The amount of daily $TUT generated by your Chieftains has to do with a few things;

The more rare your Chieftain, the more daily $TUT it generates for you.


Your Chieftain's tribes do NOT count towards
the Tikis $TUT multiplier.

The Chieftain Utility

The real value of holding Tiki Chieftains in your wallet is for the airdrops, alpha information, whitelisting, protected chat, etc. This is list is constantly growing.

Announcements will be made via community channels for which items are being used and for which tools/rewards. This gives people time to fight over Chieftains with those attributes.

Airdrops/rewards will drop to ALL Chieftains who hold the needed item. Might be a good idea to stock up.

The Chieftain Alphas

Generate 30 $TUT/Day

Each tribe has a 1/1 unique Alpha Tiki. The Alpha's provide extra bonuses
in the Turnt Up Tiki ecosystem as well as generating a TON of $TUT.

Elemental Chieftain Alpha

Auctioned for 34 SOL


Berserker Chieftain Alpha

Auctioned for 42 SOL

Exiled Chieftain Alpha

Auctioned for 22.50 SOL

Nobeslist Chieftain Alpha

Available via Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding Chieftains

How are Chieftains Different than Tikis?

Chieftains generate more $TUT and have a different stack (holding 1 of each tribe) bonus.

They don’t count towards Tiki tribe multipliers. 

Better access to collaborations, rewards, airdrops, etc.

What is a Chieftain Stack?

Having one of each Chieftain Tribe will grant you a Stack. As long as your Chieftains are delisted, you will earn Tiki Tix drops every day.

What are Turnt Up Attributes?

Certain hand items from Chieftains will grant you access to airdrops,whitelists, and even tools & royalty shares from other projects