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Chieftain Minting Guide

It's super easy. That's why we had to spell it out for you.

Tiki Chieftains have been split into x4 250 supply mints.

Mints happen weekly- be prepared. Fast sellouts every mint.

Visit our Discord if you have more questions.


Mint is live!

Step 1 - Prepare

Let us know what wallet you'll be using to mint by filling out the provided form.

Make sure you are holding at least 1 stack and 1 Village Tiki Torch in your wallet during our random snapshot.

You will be airdropped x4 mint keys to the wallet you provided in the form.

Announcements are made via our community channels; Twitter & Discord.

Step 2 - Mint Day!

700 $TUT + 1 Mint Key

Each Chieftain will cost 700 $TUT + 1 mint key. These tokens are burned during the mint process.

When the mint is live, connect your wallet and press the mint button. This will prompt your wallet to send you an approval message. Approve that message to mint your "Tiki Totem".

The Tiki Totem contains your Chieftain. He's in there gettin' turnt up. When he's ready, the totem explodes, revealing your Chieftain.

7 days from mint date for
Chieftains to arrive.

Step 3 - Collect $TUT!

Check your rarity and use the secondary markets to build up your village!

Keep checking our community channels for more upcoming information on how $TUT will be used moving forward.