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Blazing a New Path for NFTs

Turnt Up Tiki NFT holders benefit from multiple features including daily $TUT airdrops, access to an exclusive 'alpha' Discord channel, early minting on upcoming NFT projects, an enhanced experience in the Turnt Up Tikis Gaming Suite, access to online tools, and more!

All while being part of one of the most active NFT projects on the Solana Blockchain. A community dedicated to innovating, growing and educating.

Turnt Up Tiki Lore

Some volcano exploded a while back. Boom.
Tikis Everywhere.

Or, so it's been written...

Hold Tikis, Get $TUT. Easy.

Tikis LOVE $TUT. Can't get enough of it. They love it so much, it just falls out of their body. It's so weird.

Holding Tikis in your wallet grants you a daily airdrop of $TUT.


How It's Been Going So Far...

We are currently minting our second generation of Tiki NFTs- Jump on in!

Generation 1

The Tikis

3,600 Tikis exist on the Solana blockchain. They vary in rarity, tribe and sass.

Generation 2

The Chieftains

1,000 Chieftains to lead the pack! Chieftains generate an amazing amount of $TUT.

Generation 3

Tiki Gods

Details to come.

What's Next?

Gettin' Turnt-er

We are developing new ways to add value to our $TUT token. Moon level value.

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Latest news and updates

Magic Eden Listing

Tikis, Chieftains & Trinkets, Oh my!

Raydium Exchange

Purchase $TUT for USDC or SOL

Turnt Up Tikis and Friends!

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
Here are some projects we're BFF's with.

We love the Solana NFT community.
We've worked with a lot of great projects and look forward to hearing about yours!